How to make a mod for Evertech Sandbox

To make a mod you will need some 3d editor which can export models to .obj format.
Don’t export .mtl, because the game will not read it.

But before making your own mod, try to install existing ones, so you will be sure you understand how to install the mod and see if it is working.

So, if you don’t have pc, you can use but it has limited functionality. You can use any 3d editor of your choice. For PC my choice is blender3d.

When creating 3d model make sure that this 3d model is in the center of your world in editor.

Let’s say you created your 3d model and exported it as .obj file. What’s next?

Download unitaz . This is a sample mod. Extract it somewhere to be able to change it. rename the folder unitaz to the name of your mod.

It has such structure:

Put your 3d model (.obj) into meshes folder. You can remove unitaz.obj.
Open info.json in some text editor.

“name” : “Toilet mod”,
“preview” : “textures/preview.jpg”,
“version” : “0.0.1”,
“author” : “vitsum”,
“description” : “Toilet”,

“simpleblocks” : [
“uuid” : “9a3930eb-596c-4431-9f4f-9f5a18afd177”,
“name” : “Toilet”,
“description” : “Toilet”,
“icon” : “textures/unitaz.png”,
“dif” : “textures/carforicon.PNG”,
“nor” : “textures/testnorm.jpg”,
“normScale” : 1,
“met” : “textures/metal.png”,
“smoothness” : 0.5,
“mesh” : “meshes/unitaz9.obj”,
“scale” : 0.01

Change every field as you need. Here I will describe every field.
In the beginning there is info about the mod. And in the simpleblocks section there are descriptions of items included in this mod. Mods can store multiple items. For now it has only one item.

name – it is a name of this mod

preview – it is a preview image of this mod. It is not used for now, but in the future it will be used in some listings of mods.
version – is the version of this mod
author – it is your name
description – some text about this mod

simpleblocks – it is an array of items, for now let there be only one item.

in the curly brackets there is a description of an item:
uuid – unique identifier of this item. You are required to change it or else there will be conflicts with other mods and items, every item should have unique uuid. To generate it (google: uuid generator) go to a website
name – name of the item
description – description of the item (name and description will be shown when you select your item in the inventory)
icon – it is the path to your icon in textures folder
dif – it is a diffuse texture which will be applied to your 3d model
nor – it is a normal map ( if you don’t know what it is just set any path, if it will not find the texture it will just ignore it)
normScale – from 0 to 1 – is a scale of normalmap effect (if you don’t understand you can ignore it)
met – metallic map (this also can be ignored by you) it describes what parts of the model will be metallic, the transparent color – no metallic, not transparent – metallic

smoothness – how glossy the material will be (from 0 to 1)

mesh – it is your .obj file. make sure that the path is correct otherwise you will not see your 3d model in the game.

scale – this is a scale of you 3d model. If you are using blender then set it to 1, if you are using then set it to 0.01. If your 3d model is too large or too small you can play with this value.

For now you can only create items with a collider of size 1x1x1 block. In the future the system of mods will be extended. But for now this is all you can do.

Edit info.json, put your 3d model (.obj) to “meshes”, put your textures to “textures”, put your icons of your items to textures (or you can create a folder icons, just set the right path in info.json)
make sure that info.json is right.

Just install it in Android/data/com.evertechsandbox/files/mods and check it in the game. If something doesn’t work then you did some mistake. Look at existing mods how they are made and learn. They can serve as good examples. Good Luck.

If you managed to make your mod, please create a youtube video explaining to others how to make mods. I hope I will record my tutorial soon.



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