How to install mods to Evertech Sandbox

Since version 0.6.369 we now have a support for mods.

To install a mod you need to uncompress the mod archive to a destination (if you don’t have “mods” folder just create it):

For example you want to install mod called supermod, then you should get this result:

Make sure that there is only one folder between mods and info.json, otherwise the game will not find the mod.

You can find mods in our discord server or

Some mods:

Tiny wheel mod by Yo.Ri


Extended blocks by Yo.Ri



Companion block by Yo.Ri

Toilet mod by Ivan Demochkin

Textured Blocks mod


The information about how to make your own mod.

25 thoughts on “How to install mods to Evertech Sandbox

  1. Can you Mack plane parts that work and explosives and tiny guns and different types of air planes plz

  2. Maby more power-full jets or an item that you connect to an booster / item to spin/move faster I’m open for ideas (:

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