How to lua

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Finally we now have support for lua scripting in our lovely game! So now you can make mods which are not just changed 3d model… your mods now can do stuff!

Available since version 0.18.*

Getting Started

Before we start you need to read how to make a simple mod. If you already can make a simple mod you can continue reading this article.

To add a script to your mod you need to add a .lua file to your mods directory and reference it in your info.json file.

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How to make a mod for Evertech Sandbox

To make a mod you will need some 3d editor which can export models to .obj format.
Don’t export .mtl, because the game will not read it.

But before making your own mod, try to install existing ones, so you will be sure you understand how to install the mod and see if it is working.

So, if you don’t have pc, you can use but it has limited functionality. You can use any 3d editor of your choice. For PC my choice is blender3d.

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How to install mods to Evertech Sandbox

Since version 0.6.369 we now have a support for mods.

To install a mod you need to uncompress the mod archive to a destination (if you don’t have “mods” folder just create it):

For example you want to install mod called supermod, then you should get this result:

Make sure that there is only one folder between mods and info.json, otherwise the game will not find the mod.

You can find mods in our discord server or

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